How to speak confidently if you feel fear and shyness

Induvidual sessions with Linda Presley
(russian, english)
at work, to became a manager and fix conflicts in your team
• How to speak in a front of an audience/CEO/clients/ at conferences confidently without fear to say something wrong, fear to lose authority, fear to be criticized, shyness, Shortness of breath, too quiet or too fast speaking

How to Feel Like a CEO and Manage People with a Lack of Respect and confidence if you feel fear, not good enough

How to fix conflicts with a colleagues and build communications in a team more effectively if you are angry and lose control of your emotions

• How to present yourself confidently at job interviews if you have over control

•How to Pitch Your Startup and capture Investors' Attention

• How to grow emotional intelligence, show your emotions and understand people around you easier


1. Message me and describe How emotionally comfortable do you feel when you speak at work?
2. Schedule video call via Zoom/Google
3. Creating an individual plan
4. During our sessions we will practice exercises for your emotional feelings and speech muscles work.


You will learn during our sessions:
my clients
Among my clients are people with different educational levels and professional backgrounds, including: IT specialists, software engineers, sales and marketing specialists, TV and stage hosts, actors, Stanford University graduates, corporate directors, C-level management and many others.

My clients are from Europe­an, Australian, and North American companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Walmart, Zara, Bayer, Paypal, Adobe, Chase, Sephora, Philips, Pirelli, Loreal, Deutsche Welle news, IKEA, Backs­tagecast, the United Nations, the Europe­an Parliament, the financial exchange in Frankfurt.

Individual coaching work with over 700 clients from 30+ countries
I had my speeches in a conferences and film festivals, TV channels in Oslo, Milano, Bali, Brussels, San Francisco,
Toronto, Cannes, Moscow
Certified Public-speaking specialist since 2009
One of the most valuable skill for carrier development is public speaking. it is almost impossible to become successful without good diction and accurate articulation. That's why I decided to improve my speaking skills with Linda. I am very satisfied with result obtained. During the education process (after almost one year and a half) I successfully passed job interview, got a promotion and became more confident in general. Linda's methods are various and interesting, one of the my favorites is using classic literature to master your intonations. Moreover Linda is very nice and we create good relationships. I recommend to everybody who wants to speak clearly and deliver its thought wisely.

Vadim, Milano, Italy
In 2023 Yulia Novicheva officially changed name to Linda Presley
I turned to Linda because I was experiencing great difficulties during interviews when looking for a new job. In particular, I could not adequately assess my performance, I spoke without confidence, my thoughts were confused, I was very worried, and so on. All these symptoms increased incrementally, along with the number of rejections from possible employers. When Linda's ad caught my eye, I immediately realized that this was what I needed. After several consultations with Linda, we managed to significantly improve my presentation capabilities with the help of simple techniques, and she helped me understand the subconscious causes of these problems. I was able to start working on them. Subsequently, I successfully passed one of the following job interviews and got the desired job offer. All of which encouraged me to work further with her on my interpersonal and communication issues. Thank you very much!

Olga, Munich, Germany
As a person who has been working in the tech industry for the last seven years and is obliged to spend a lot of time on calls and online meetings, I have always been worried about how colleagues perceive me and my public speaking ability. After six months of studying with Linda, my fear of self-expression in front of a large number of people decreased, and a new sense of confidence in my speech helped me find a new job in a record six weeks instead of the previous six months. Many thanks to Linda for her support!

Elizabeth, New York, USA
I like classes with Linda, because everything she addresses is essentially, undiluted, and without unnecessary information. I appreciate her gentle approach for working with the rougher areas of my inner landscape, you might call it – Soul therapy.
Well, it seems that one may ask, "What can vocal lessons bring, except for a beautiful voice?"
There is greater confidence. I no longer present myself in the mode of a little girl. Rather, I find that now I sound and present myself as an adult woman. There is a new awareness of what I am saying and how I sound, especially in those situations that were once scary, or awkward.
The classes positively affected my work. I became more confident when talking to clients. The recordings of the online course became clearer, and it is easier for me to convey information, and easier to work on camera.

Alyona, Brussels, Belgium

Linda and I have been studying for probably more than a year. Initially, I had a desire to learn how to speak beautifully and not be afraid to speak in front of the team at work, or when giving interviews, or speak at various events without losing my place in the presentation. For many years I have had a terrible panic and fear of performing. Such that at that moment there was nothing in my head and I could only chatter on a piece of paper without taking my eyes off. At the same time, my head was pressed into my shoulders from excitement and my neck was simply absent.
Linda helped me to unearth the deep psychological aspects that contribute to my nervousness, and step by step we worked on them. What did we not do in class: we made bitter grimaces, did mouth exercises and breathed in various ways, sang, talked on various topics of interest to me. Linda is very responsible and professional in her approach to any problem or defect in speech. In addition to classroom work, there were regular homework assignments including practicing speeches on my own, and recording my video presentations. Together with Linda, we worked through the texts of my speeches and then analyzed the video recordings. I kept a lot of notes during classes and now, after several years, I still return to them and warmly remember Linda and follow her life on social networks with great interest.
Linda is a great teacher and friend! Easy, useful and effective communication lessons for life!

Tatiana, Alicante, Spain

I recommend her! Linda is an excellent specialist, she facilitated my public speaking voice. I got rid of the fear of opening my mouth and talking, which helped establish stronger relationships at work and advance my career. Thank you very much, I love you, I miss you.

Catherine, Arnhem, Netherlands
I had problems with speech:
1) I often spoke too fast and my speech was often unintelligible
2) My voice production was plagued with a nasal twang. But after working with Linda for about a year, I was able to overcome this problem. Also, I managed to overcome other existing problems, my speech became balanced and clear, my voice was lower and more confident. I am grateful to Linda for her help and professional approach.

Igor, Munich, Germany
I turned to Linda with a request to remove the fear of public speaking, since at work I very often have to speak in public. For a long time I tried to find a specialist who would help me, but in vain, until I met Linda.
Linda is simply the best in her field! She not only puts a voice and works out your weak points, but also looks for the root cause. While we were working with Linda, I learned a lot about myself. I became more confident in myself, changed my attitude to many things and people, it became much easier for me to live. Linda also worked with my children and already during the first session, she immediately saw the problem and gave good advice. Linda is a nice person and it's easy to work with her! Highly recommend!

Alina, Sidney, Australia
Linda is a very talented coach with a high level of professionalism and unique approach to each client. Working with Linda, I have learnt useful techniques for sounding and feeling more confident when I speak in public or do a presentation. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is looking to increase their public speaking skills and find their voice.

Svitlana, San Francisco, USA
about me

Master's degree in VGIK (University of cinematography and television, Moscow):
Public speaking, movie and theater acting, directing, work with movie sound voicing.
800 hours of public speaking

Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Certification in San francisco, USA

Management, leadership and team building, Certification of completion, Russia

Other experience:

I worked with a Tele­vision Chanels and had a lot
of speeches in a front of thous­ands people in an international film festivals. My experience as a film director and producer, along with my knowledge
of working with actors, enables me to assist clients from big tech companies in becoming effective managers, feeling like leaders, and resolving conflicts within their teams. As actors work with emotional intelligence, I, as an actress and Emotional Intelligence coach, assist people in transforming their fears of speaking, making mistakes, receiving attention, and shyness into self-confidence

My mother and grandmother were opera singers and vocal teachers. Since 5 years old I had different experience on the stage.

Author of "How to speak confidently"- system of exercises how to turn fear to confidence.

I do Individual coaching of over 700 English and Russian-speaking adult clients from 30+ countries.

I started to have lessons with Linda at the beginning of 2021. My aim was just simply to improve my professional presentation skills. Little that I know that this lessons will give a kick-start for a big personal growth as well. In a nutshell, I gained a better posture during my presentations, my voice and breathing became unobstructed by muscle blocks and it gave me an enormous self-confidence! Moreover, I for a feedback about the presentation style and what type of message I was sending to the audience. Now, I present and perform with conciseness and ti gives. I will proceed my lessons Linda and keep on exercising at home. Thank you Linda!

Anastasia, Amsterdam, Nederlands

TV interview


If we focus on public speaking and generally how people speak in a front of an audience (boss, colleagues or clients), there are 2 different groups of people who have fears to speak:

1. First group is a group of people who are afraid of speaking and they are shy because don't have enough practice. They can take private classes of Public speaking or try Toastmasters or any classes with a good instructor or a TV host. The more they the more self-confident they become.

2. Second group are people who have fears, low confidence and shame to speak and even if they took public speaking classes and worked with different instructors, they still feel a lot of stress in their muscles, they cannot breathe free enough and they forget what they want to say. To them Public speaking is like hell. Every time they speak in public they traumatize themselves more and more and it's sad, because usually these kinds of people are very smart and they have great positions in big companies, they just don't want to speak because they do not enjoy it. This group of people doesn't have any medical or psychiatric diagnosis and they don't need to work with speech problems in a clinic. Some of these people already tried different therapies and nothing help them. They just have some emotional problems (fear, shame, low confidence, too much control) when they speak and some small muscle problems (sweaty hands, stressed muscles, speaking too quickly, too fast).

I have a lot of experience as a TV host, actress, vocalist and a movie director. I grew up in an opera singer's family and I worked with both of those groups. Because I'm not a native English speaker I focus more on the second group.

With that experience and learning techniques on how to work with strong emotions, I created my own system "HOW TO SPEAK CONFIDENTLY IF YOU FEEL FEAR" for the recovery of the second group of people.

My system is based on emotional and speech practical exercises. Exercises and techniques are different for every client. This is the main reason why I work with everyone individually. Clients should train themself at home with exercises that we practice together during our sessions and then later the client will be ready to start public speaking for his job and career with good feelings: self-confidence and calm.

My suggestion: If you want to be a SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC SPEAKER - SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS (speak from your heart as well as your mind).
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С наградой международного фестиваля в Таллине за фильм «Страсти по Матфею»
Интервью для 8 канала
Московский международный кинофестиваль ММКФ
Московский международный кинофестиваль ММКФ
С исполнительницей главной роли в фильме «Жизнь после» Агриппиной Стековой на премьере фильма
С исполнительницей главной роли в фильме «Внутри музыки» Екатериной Волковой на премьере фильма
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